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Take the Afternoon Off and Get Out of the House

As I write this, I sit alone in a local park with only the insect for company.

The reason I am alone is simple as its 35C. For myself, I am pushing my health more than I have done before and it is starting to show. I have lost an incredible amount of weight and my stamina has increased beyond anything I could before remembering, so much so that jogging is now a new possibility.

There are a few old guys walking through and occasionally kids on bikes and that’s about it. It’s a lovely temperature, to be honest as a calm breeze with not much humidity.

It’s now almost 6 pm and the sun is slowly setting which should only help get a few more people outside

As I sit here, I wonder how it is that there is no one else is doing the same as me. To get out of the house no matter what the temperature is a plus. To feel down and gloomy about being at home can be instantly banished being outside surrounded with the sound of wildlife.

Right now, there are cicadas and crickets everywhere, which when at home was annoying white noise, but here with them is completely different and almost peaceful.

The whole rat race has ceased to be.

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