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Time for Change and Move On

Make Way for Progression!

I was recently walking through the streets in Manchester UK, when I saw a large building being demolished. 

It was like a scene from the Avengers movie with a huge hole in a once sturdy building.

I thought why on Earth would they destroy something that has so much history and character? The problem with the demolition is what comes next and it will be a metal and glass cube for sure. And to that I would say, where is the progression?

It’s hard to let go of some things that is true. I’m very sentimental to the old buildings and having feelings and emotions towards the past to purposely destroy to create something new is a little counterproductive for me.

Buildings that are old, and yes, it maybe was in a bad way, I do not know the real reason, but to trash something that has been there for so long should be renovated first before demolition, full stop.

When you have something like that should we just give up or should we try to preserve?

I would try first before I gave up as I’ve I love my history as during my travelling around the world I would seek out the cultural and historical buildings first. And so now I am losing the city that I grew up in.

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  1. Colors of my life

    You have a very deep farsighted approach to life. Very few have it.
    Thanks for stopping by at my end.
    Love your blog, will touch others later.

    1. Nigel

      Thanks for your kind comments. Hope you have a great day!

      1. Colors of my life

        My pleasure, you too have a lovely day 🙂
        Will look forward to have more meaningful conversation in future.
        Since I like your approach towards life observations. As in this case of bldg, I too hold the same notion. After a long time, we have some attachments with the bldgs or thing we see on a regular basis. So destroying a part of our memory good parts are destroyed forever.

        1. Nigel

          Yes. The best we can do sometimes is to just appreciate what was.

          1. Colors of my life

            Very true, The proverb, Old is Gold is losing its meaning. The younger generation wouldn’t able to get its true meaning. If Capitalism flourish like this.
            Destroy one treasure to build an empire! And ripe off the customer for the cost of making it.

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